mcusta showroom in Japan
Founder Shoji Hasegawa
Chairman Yasuhisa Hasegawa
President Tomohiro Hasegawa
The Location Main office&factory
5420-1, Shimouchi,Seki-city, Gifu Japan 501-3217
Showroom/distribution center
5488-8, Fukabashi, Shimouchi, Seki-city, Gifu japan
Tel +81-575-22-0259
Company Motto Always Pioneers
Processing Contents Metalwork
Cold forging processing
Plastic die production
Plastic molding processing
Various special blade processing
2D / 3D CAD work
Stainless steel high speed laser material processing
Processing Materials Stainless Steel; Titanium; Plastic; Aluminum; Iron; Stone; Wood; Etc…
Main Products SILKY (Top quality scissors for hobbies, general use, various specialized tools)
MCUSTA (High-quality pocket knives)
ZANMAI (High-quality kitchen knives)
Main Sales Domestic Sales (Japan) – Specialized trading company, stockbroker/wholesale dealer, specialty store, general merchandising store, mail orders Overseas (U.S.A.,Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia)
A company characteristic We can do it by a plan, development, die production, production in own company throughout. The development in particular can support assuming production from three-dimensional molding by CADSEUS to die production. In addition, it can support many kinds small quantity to various things from 450t hotpress to a knife special NC grinder widely.
Company history Founded in 1964. Established as MARUSHO INDUSTRY in 1966 Reorganized as MARUSHO INDUSTRY Inc. in 1983
We have become a top maker (SILKY) of high quality scissors.
We started making MCUSTA pocket knife in 2000.
We established ZANMAI brand in 2006.
We opened Showroom and Distribution center in 2016.

President Profile (TOMOHIRO HASEGAWA)

The modern cutlery industry was born with the industrial revolution, and now thanks to 21st century technology Japan leads the field in the world of knife production.
We, Marusho Kogyo Inc., equip our workshops with the latest machines, create the most innovative knives, and constantly push new boundaries through daily production.
We believe it is our mission to supply the highest quality products to our clients across the world while maintaining age-old Japanese traditions.
We believe in maintaining complete control over the manufacturing process, and our master craftsmen infuse all our products with the pride and traditions inherited from centuries of Japanese blade makers.